Unfit to Exercise

It’s hard to start an exercise regime, or continue one, when you don’t feel ‘fit’ to exercise. Whenever I went to the gym, I felt self-conscious and out of place. Looking at those around me, I felt ashamed of how unfit I was.

In an effort to just move past the awkward feelings, I even tried buying an expensive personal training program to get motivated. The only things that got thinner were my wallet and my excuses as to why I had to cancel those appointments. The gym was not for me.

I have struggled with my weight my entire life and motherhood has only added to the situation. Now, on top of all of the other old stand-by excuses to not hop on that treadmill or run off to the gym, I have a new, more noble one: I don’t want to miss out on the time with my son and family. Aw… it’s beautiful, it’s beyond reproach, right?

Quality family time is number one on so many mamas’ priority lists, and it rightly belongs there, too. But, and in my case a big BUT, it is/was sometimes just an excuse.

Am I really doing my family, and more importantly my son, any favors by giving them a mama that isn’t the best version of herself? No. But do I beat my head against a wall and try the gym route, again? Not really. If I didn’t have the motivation before I had kids to trek off to the gym, I have even less now.

So what do I do? Buy expensive equipment for my house? Nope. I already have the world’s most expensive dust collector — it is sitting in my office as we speak.

So what will motivate me? What do I have time for every day?

My son’s smile.

Exercise and activity doesn’t have to be a treadmill or an aerobics class. It can be pushing a little red wagon around the neighborhood. It can be playing tag in the backyard. It can be swinging along with your son or daughter. And when my child looks at me, I never feel out of place or unfit to play along.

What motivates you to stay active post-baby? 


3 Responses to Unfit to Exercise

  1. Simply chasing after my son seems to be quite a bit of exercise these days. He’s getting too fast for me!

  2. I have never been a fit person, but I am motivated to stay active because I want to be around for my two boys for a long time to come.

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