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We are an eclectic mix of mamas from all over North America, and one mama in Germany. The founding mamas met years ago through an online wedding planning forum. We shared ideas, gave advice and lent our virtual shoulders to cry on as we said our vows and began starting our families. As we all were sharing the excitement and anticipation of our pregnancies and new babies, we grew in numbers and formed a group of mamas who managed to give each other unwavering support even though we come from different parts of the world, different walks of life and all have different parenting styles.

One day, a mama said, “wouldn’t it be neat if we could share our experiences with others?” We thought about it and came up with a blog where we could share our ideas and support with more mamas. So Mama Say What?! was created where we can share our experiences with anyone who’s interested in reading about mama-hood from a variety of perspectives; both mainstream and not.

We’re so glad you found us. We know you are busy chasing after your little ones, but when you get a little “me time” cozy up in your favorite spot with a cup of coffee and enjoy getting to know our mamas!

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