When Pinterest is Your Enemy

I love using Pinterest. It’s nice to relax for a few moments and plan for the future.

In that future, I imagine that I will actually have time to make, bake, create, organize, decorate and get in shape.

I have seen people set up boards titled “motivation” and pin sayings, slogans, before/after inspirations and daily workout plans that seem doable. Well… at the time, they seem doable.

It’s easy to think you’ll do something when you are sitting on your butt daydreaming on Pinterest. Isn’t that the rub?

So, picture me sitting there feeling all motivated and ready to go and then I see it… the enemy. And let me tell you, the enemy is looking good. It’s looking more than good, it’s looking damn right delicious. It’s looking like cake, cookies and pie… oh my!

I then spend the next five, ten, 15 minutes drooling over incredible, edible concoctions that look so enticing I could eat them through my computer screen. Meanwhile the workout DVD sitting next to me doesn’t look so hot anymore. I don’t want to exercise — I want a cookie. The enemy has won.

So what do you do when Pinterest is your enemy?

The key— don’t log onto the computer until after your workout. It’s much harder to throw in the towel when you’ve already done half the work.

Not only that, but the computer is a time drain, you sit down and all of a sudden your free time is gone and you haven’t accomplished anything that you thought you would.

Now if only I could take my own advice, I would be set.

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  1. So true! I do this too…logging of now!

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