Wink Diaper Review and a Giveaway!

I was thrilled to be given the chance to review Wink Diapers for our readers! These are some of my favorite diaper covers, plus they’re affordable and made from organic materials!

I originally came across Wink Diapers through a Facebook giveaway a while back, and later I looked at their products in their Etsy shop. I’ve cloth diapered my daughter in Cotton Babies, Bumgenius 4.0, Freetime, and FLIP diapers. My best friend at the office mentioned a Work-at-Home-Mom (WAHM) brand that she liked that was really affordable so I started shopping around. I tried a couple of other diaper cover brands, and eventually found that Wink Diaper covers had all the things I liked about other brands, all wrapped up in one!

Wink makes a fantastic diaper cover that can be used with their organic inserts, disposable inserts, fitteds, prefolds or your favorite brand insert. They are interchangeable with many brand-name hybrid and cover/fitted systems. Front and back flaps inside keep the insert in place. They offer all the benefits of a pocket diaper with no stuffing. Hip snaps will keep the diaper from shifting, twisting and the dreaded “wing droop.”

The design is well-thought-out, and the construction is obviously quality. The patterns, not to mention, are adorable. And they are made and sold by an independent business, which is always a plus in my book.

Wink diaper covers are made of a material called TPU. Unlike PUL, which is chemical bonded, TPU is heat bonded. It contains fewer chemicals and is made using a safer, more environmentally-friendly process than PUL. I was not familiar with TPU until I started using Wink, but I haven’t noticed a difference in quality between PUL and TPU covers. I haven’t had any leaks to date and have been using these covers for about four months.

Wink covers have several features that I think are essential for cloth diapering with inserts or prefolds.

  • Dual flaps
  • Double leg gussets
  • Back elastic
  • Hip snaps
  • Snaps for 3 sizes in 1
  • Fits 8-35 lb

I particularly like the dual flaps on this diaper because you have the option to overlap them for babies with smaller waists to get a snug fit. The back elastic is a plus and also assists for a snug fit. The double leg gussets are on my must-have list because my daughter has had blowouts through the legs or some leaking, depending on the consistency of baby poo, while wearing diapers that don’t have double leg gussets, like FLIPS, BumGenius 4.0s, and Freetimes.

At first, I didn’t understand why hip snaps are needed on a diaper, but in use, I’ve found that by having them, you don’t get the extra “wings” hanging out the sides of the diapers that you sometimes get with disposables or other flaps with only two snaps per flap. 

Finally, sizing is important to me. I don’t cloth diaper newborns for the simple fact that I honestly don’t want to change a newborn poop diaper 15 times a day and then go ahead and wash that batch of newborn diapers so often. (Props to my mama friend Michelle for pointing that out to me before I invested in a ton of newborn cloth dipes!) However, Wink offers newborn sizing and older baby sized diapers. They have the appropriate rows of snaps to adjust to three different sizes.

If you compare a Wink cover (cow print on the left) to a FLIP cover (solid cover on the right) the Wink has longer flaps, more snaps, back elastic, and double leg gussets that the FLIP doesn’t offer.

I like the fit because it is snug on my little one. My FLIP inserts, newborn doublers and Chinese prefolds fit inside nicely. I like a trim fit for M now, but needed extra padding when she was little. She was chunkier and needed wider waist and thigh room. Even though it is trimmer, the cover is generous and I have no doubt that it would fit a chunkier baby just right. All of the elastic portions are soft and I imagine would be comfortable for the little kiddo.

I bought my first cover from Etsy in the cute Moo Cow print. When I saw it I knew I had to buy it for my little farm girl— especially so, since we have about 15 calves on our immediate farm and her grandpa has a midrange cattle operation. It was too cute to pass up! This past week I noticed Wink had ‘seconds’ up on Etsy and I had to pick them up too. I was concerned that the defects would effect the use, but looking at them they are simple stitching errors that I don’t believe will be a problem. Score!!

I went ahead and ordered one of Winks regular diapers in stock to compare quality. I purchased the Mean Green solid diaper and ordered two neutral covers. I didn’t get to pick the print/solid with the seconds. What I really loved is that Wink put some love and thought into my order and sent me color coordinating covers! A neat orange cover and a cute Polka Spots print came to my door!

Now that we are expecting Baby2K I’m replacing my worn out FLIPS with Winks. I’m excited for their Flash Sale on Friday. Use code FLASHSALE to get 50% off any item on Friday only! The code is only good on the website, not their Etsy shop.

I recommend their covers to any mama who cloth diapers!

Wink Diapers is contributing a cloth diaper cover in the winners design choice for one lucky MSW reader! Enter below and good luck! 

Contest begins on Thursday, January 29th, 2015 and ends on Wednesday, February 4th, 11:59 PST. Winner must complete the first 3 entries to qualify. Winner must be 18 years of age or older and may reside in the U.S. only. Winner must respond within 48 hours. Please check your inbox or spam folder for an email from 

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97 Responses to Wink Diaper Review and a Giveaway!

  1. I started when my son was about a year old. We are now potty training with cloth trainers. I would definitely use only cloth the next go round.

  2. I’m actually beginning to build my stash for the baby we are TTC :)

  3. Ive CDd for over 2 years. it hasnt been easy but Ive learned a lot

  4. I started when my daughter was 3 weeks old! Baby #2 is due in July and getting ready to do it all over again :)

  5. Nice comparison with the Flips covers. I’m a big double gusset fan myself. :)

  6. Started about 4 weeks, and still going strong at 7 months

  7. I started using cloth about 3.5 years ago when my oldest was born. I have now had three babies in cloth diapers. I love it because its addicting, it saves money, and it is better for baby

  8. I’ve purchased some of these diapers for my baby due in march! I can’t wait to use them!

  9. I’ve been cloth diapering since I brought my daughter home from the hospital. She is now 8 months old. We’ve had great success. My only problem is that I am addicted to the cuteness!

  10. I started clothing my daughter about 4 months ago and I love it! She was allergic to disposables so we had to make the switch and I am so glad that we did. I wish we would have done it sooner!

  11. I started cloth with my first when she was born. We are still in cloth 2yrs later and i love it because we kept a lot of waste and chemicals off the earth.

  12. I just started cloth diapering my new baby. It is my first time. I was really excited about it, and then got really nervous about it. Now that we are two weeks into it, I love it! It really isn’t harder than I thought it would be. I just need to get a few more diapers, because it is hard to catch up on laundry!!

  13. I started cloth diapering my son two days after he was born in the NICU. I can’t believe that was over 6 years ago now. I have since cloth diapered 2 other littles :) I love that I am helping the environment and I love how cute they are as well

  14. I started cloth diapering over 6 years ago when my son was 2 days old and in the NICU. I love that I am helping the environment and they are so cute! I love how easy they are and I love that these have a double gusset

  15. I started CDing May 2014 with my first child and going strong. We love it because cloth is way cuter and we are not contributing to landfills.

  16. I am currently building my stash for my twins that will be coming in March. Cloth was a no brainer because of the money that can be saved! I have also fallen in love with the community of people cloth has exposed me to!

  17. I started cloth diapering 8 months ago trying to help find a way to get rid of my son’s diaper rash. It worked and then it morphed in to a way to save money, too.

  18. What a great designed diaper! Thank you for your review! we started cloth diapering when our daughter was 3 months old. I decided when I was pregnant I wanted to try it and hubby was on board. I slowly increased our stash and also decided to wait past the newborn stage. I love it even 14 months later and I’m so glad we did it! I love that we are spending less money, helping the environment, and most importantly keeping chemicals off my babies tush!

  19. I’m starting my stash already but I’m just trying to get pregnant. I want to use cloth diapers because of the environmental impact.

  20. I’m starting my stash now even though I’m just trying to get pregnant. I want to use cloth diapers because of the environmental impact.

  21. I am excited to try these out during the 50% sale! Cute prints.

  22. We started cloth diapering from the start and love it at 10 months! These diaper covers look really easy to use and very wipeable. Thank you for the giveaway.

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  24. Just started cloth diapering when my son was born 6 weeks ago. I love it mostly so far. It is a bit more work but worth it to not be creating tons of trash. Also my sons rash seems to get worse when he wears disposable. I just wish some of my diapers wouldn’t leak because our guy pees so heavy! Covers and prefolds/flats never leak so this would be an awesome addition to our stash!

  25. We’ve been cloth diapering since my daughter was 2 and a half months old, she’s now 10 months! We love cloth diapering, not only for the money savings but they are so easy to use & adorable. We began with pocket diapers, but soon I realized I didn’t like to stuff. We now use all AIOs and Covers!

  26. We will start cloth diapering when our first arrives next month!

  27. We decided to cloth diaper our child because I have VERY sensitive skin, and we didn’t want to expose him to any more chemicals and perfumes than necessary. He isn’t here yet, but he already has a little stash going - although we need a lot more!

    My sister-in-law also cloth diapered both her boys and said she loved it, so I figured I at least have someone I can go to with questions. :)

  28. I’ve been using cloth on my babies for 6 years. I especially enjoyed diapering a newborn. The money savings and cute designs are great!

  29. I’ve been using cloth diapers on my babies for 6 years and love the money savings and cute designs!

  30. I’ve been cloth diapering for about 8 years! I like the money savings and the cuteness =)

  31. Would love to try these out, baby due February 6th

  32. My cloth diaper journey hasn’t officially begun yet, as baby#1 is due in April. I love the idea because of the money-saving aspect.

  33. I have a newborn and am just starting to cloth diaper. Can’t wait to learn more and save some money

  34. Haven’t had the chance to start yet - but the baby comes in May! There are so many reasons that we love the idea - from health, to economy, to environment!

  35. I started my cd journey when my daughter was 3 months. She is now 16 months and we are expecting our next LO. I like it because of the money it has saved us.

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  37. I started cloth diapering with my first born when he was around 12 months. he’s almost 4.
    he’s still in cloth and his little sister has been in cloth since she was 2 weeks old. thank you!

  38. We’ve been cloth diapering for about a year with our first and are getting ready to start with the second!

  39. We tried cloth on our first but it didn’t work out. Now we are 8 months in to CDing our 2nd!

  40. I started cloth diapering when my son was about 1 1/2 old. I never crossed my mind before to cloth diaper but I lost my job and didn’t have the money for disposables. A lot of my friends cloth diaper and one person helped me out. She didn’t want the diapers so I sent her my last $20 and the rest is history. I cloth diaper my 1yr old and will be using cloth with my newest baby in July.

  41. My cloth diapering journey is interesting. I don’t have any children of my own but own cloth diapers because I’ve bought them for my cousins. I’ve used them on my one cousin’s youngest for 12 months. They will be passed onto another cousin’s baby here in the next couple of months. The babies have very different body types which has me wondering if the same diapers will work for both. The first baby to use them is petite, skinny, and lean. The second baby is tall, round in belly and thiegh. I like it because the first baby to use them has worked towards potty training early. It is a substantial monetary savings and is so much better for the babies. I am also allergic to disposable diapers so I can’t watch children in disposable diapers.

  42. I will be starting cloth diapering with my first due in May. I chose to cloth diaper because that was what my mom did and what I used on my dolls as a child. It’s just normal for me. I love that it will save money and waste.

  43. We’re just starting our cloth diapering journey, but I’ve know for years that I wanted to cloth diaper my children for environmental reasons. Right now I’m researching different options and hoping to win a few samples to get my stash started so we can cloth diaper our first little one :)

  44. We started cloth diapering 3 years ago to save money and the environment .We love it .

  45. I’m due with my first in April, so obviously I don’t really have personal experience using cloth diapers, but several of my friends have used them and that’s how I first got excited about them. I love the idea of using them to be healthier for my baby and the environment, plus saving money in the long run. Also, they are so much cuter than disposables! :)

  46. Claire Rheinheimer Reply

    I started cloth diapering my daughter a little over a year ago, she kept pooping up the back of her diapers. I figured if I was cleaning poop I may as well use cloth! I evetually switched my son to cloth as well until he potty trained. I love it, it almost makes me sad that I’m not having more, then I could buy NB diapers! I love everything about it, especially the cuteness factor.

  47. I have been cloth diapering since my son was 6 months. hes now two and a half. i started because i accidentally won a cloth diaper in a giveaway (back then you just liked a page and were entered) and found out I was prengant a few weeks later! it was meant to be. now its completely changed out lifestyles and we are a very green family and changing more as we learn!

  48. We started cloth diapering our daughter at just a few days old and have been cloth diapering for 14 months now. I love never having to worry about how many diapers we go through…if we use more, we just have more to wash, never any pressure to try to get ‘full use’ out of a diaper change at the cost of child’s comfort.

  49. I started when my daughter was about a month old. It was sort of trial by error but once I found diapers I liked, it was smooth sailing.

  50. Super excited to try these for my LO!!

  51. We haven’t started cloth diapering yet. I think once I realized how easy it was and how much better it was for baby and environment I was sold.

  52. We will be starting our cloth diapering adventure in April with our first child!! So, excited and already working on building a decent stash.

  53. Started with my toddler when he was 6 days old and still using at 26 months. Hoping for another little one soon to diaper as well! We love the cute fluff and the lack of waste!

  54. Started with my daughter when she was about 2 weeks… she’s 7 weeks now and we’re loving it!

  55. We started when our LO was 2 months; she’s now 6 months. We LOVE it. They are so cute, extremely economical, and our waste output is next to nothing when it comes to diapers. We’ve also made a smooth transition into solids; hopefully that continues!

  56. I started cloth diapering when my first daughter was born a little over 6 months ago. My husband and I decided to cloth diaper mostly for financial reasons but I love the green aspect of cloth diapering as well.

  57. We are determined to cloth diaper from the start, but we haven’t had our first LO yet!

  58. Started in August… Just now starting to do it full time!

  59. I started when my son was about 4 months old, and loved it. He’s 3 and potty-trained now, and we are expecting our 2nd. Hoping to cloth diaper this one from the start!

  60. We didn’t use newborn diapers with my first, but I am interested in trying them the second time around. We had a combination of BG 4.0s and homemade pocket diapers. We couldn’t get a great fit with any of them, but we used them for about two years before we decided to try a different system. We have a variety of covers and use flats now and we love them. These covers look fun. I’d like to give them a try. The difference between TPU and PUL is intriguing! I love cloth diapering because of the cost savings and environmental impact, so the TPU is something I’m interested in.

  61. I started cloth diapering when my son was about 2 weeks old. I have loved it!

  62. I only just started, I like it because it saves us money!

  63. I have not started yet, but I am looking forward using cute diapers that are eco-friendly!

  64. We have been Cding for about 2.5 years, since my son was 1.5. I found cding by accident, had no clue how fun and easy it would be!

  65. I’ve been cloth diapering since #2 was about a year old and #3 was part time cloth diapered for his first year, and has been full time cloth diapered since…he’s now 2 years old! I’ve been using cloth either part or full time for 4 years now! If we have another child they will be in cloth from birth! I love the money savings, the much smaller environmental impact, and the super cute colors and prints. I also love the community that comes with cloth diapering, I’ve met many amazing people through our mutual love of cloth!

  66. I’ll be a FTM on August. I haven’t had the chance to cloth diaper yet, but I have a few friends who do and absolutely love it. I’m excited to start with my little one :-)

  67. I am pregnant with my 3rd child and I am very excited to cloth diaper for the first time. I already have a huge stash and am completely addicted to buying cloth diapers!

  68. I started cloth diapering with my first daughter almost 4 years ago. It quickly became a bit of an addiction. ;) I’m now using the same diapers on baby #2 and am so thrilled I’m saving so much money! Plus, the cuteness is the best. Thanks for a fantastic post and giveaway!

  69. Started from birth with my 2nd child, he’s 9 months. Gotten to where I hate disposables and refuse to use them.

  70. I’ve been cloth diapering for 9 months and would never go back!

  71. This year will be my first year! Can’t wait! I really hope I like them!

  72. I look forward to sharing this info with my niece.

  73. We started cloth diapering when my son was 11 months old thanks for the help of a diaper package from The Rebecca Foundation”s Cloth Diaper Closet. 14 months later, we are still going strong with cloth diapering and I hope to start earlier with the next child.

  74. Haven’t cloth diapered yet. Hoping to start with our first baby in September :)

  75. My mom cloth diapered me and my siblings so I always wanted to. My first I clothed for the first few months but didn’t have any support from the day care or any peers. With my now 8mo I stay at home and have lots of supportive cloth diapering moms as friends plus a great routine and resources. I am so proud of myself and I really enjoy it.

  76. Thanks so much for the review. I’m new to cloth diapering and with so many different options it’s nice to find out more about a diaper besides the company before Maki g a purchase!

  77. I started cloth diapering when my son was 3 weeks old and I’m still going strong two years later but now I have 2 in cloth. I love how much money it saves us and how eco friendly they are!

  78. I started cloth diapering because I couldn’t in good conscience throw all those diapers in landfills. It would have weighed heavily on me. I looked into cloth and found a lending library in my area, tried a variety of types, and started my stash with the Black Friday deals. It has been a great experience.

  79. I started cloth diapering when we brought our daughter home from the hospital. She is now 23 months, and we’re still cloth diapering full time. We’ve hit some bumps, but always were able to figure it out. Ive come a long way with diapers, and love helping other mommas convert to using cloth :)

  80. We started cloth diapering my son when he was 4 months old, almost a year ago. We started because he kept on getting UTI’s because of the chemicals in disposable diapers. However I had wanted to try cloth before he was born and couldn’t get my husband on board, now he try’s to convince everyone at his work to switch to cloth. We also love that its saving us so much money and how cute they are!

  81. My husband and I are expecting our first and we haven’t decided between cloth and disposable yet. I’ve been hearing great things about cloth though, so we’re strongly considering!

  82. I started when my 3rd child was born. I’ve been doing it for 19 months now.

  83. I am currently expecting my first child, due May 1st. My sister successfully cloth diapered her two little girls and has inspired me to try and do the same. I’ve been enjoying taking in lots of information and forming my own little stash to start with my daughter when she’s a few weeks old.

  84. Started over 6 years ago with my first and continuing with baby 4 due in June just for the savings alone.

  85. I have not cloth diapered before

  86. I’ve cloth diapered for 14 months. I’ve been part off the community for 2 years.

  87. I started cloth diapering in october when my son was born. I love cloth! This was a great article, i have never heard of wink before! !

  88. I’ve been diapering for over a year. I started to save money but I’m enjoying it because of how adorable they are.

  89. I started using cloth when my oldest was born. He’s 4.5 now! I started with all gDiapers, then sold those when my second was leaking out of them and bought a bunch of random pockets. Now, I use mostly prefolds and covers with my 3rd boy!!

  90. Thanks for sharing this review! Helpful for new cloth mamas!

  91. I started cloth diapering about 10 months ago. I have loved it. It is better for baby, the environment and my wallet.

  92. Ive been building my stash for months, and my 3 week old has her first CD on today!

  93. I haven’t started yet but hope to have a chance soon!

  94. I haven’t started, but plan too!

  95. I started cloth diapering when my first was about 2 weeks old, and am still going with my second. It isn’t always easy, but it’s totally worth it! I hate wasting things, and love that I don’t have to throw anything in the trash. I slowly add to my stash when I find good deals, but we mostly use prefolds with high-quality covers - my favorite is Rump-a-rooz!

  96. I am still building my stash.

  97. I started cloth diapering 16 months ago when baby #8 was born. I love it & wish I had started years ago!

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