Wrapsody Breeze Review and Giveaway!

I was so excited to be given the opportunity by Wrapsody to try out the Breeze woven wrap and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. Wrapsody Breeze Review and Giveaway!

I have used other stretch-knit soft carriers before, but due to the bulky, hot fabric, I have been exclusively carrying my daughter in a structured carrier. The Breeze, however, has totally changed my perception of soft carriers. The wrap is so lightweight and it’s just beautiful! It is made of woven cotton gauze which creates a very breathable and versatile wrap.

The Breeze came folded in a matching compact, zip-up pocket for storage, a quick start pamphlet and a DVD. At the end of one side of the wrap, there is a sewn-in pocket so that you can fold the wrap into itself for easy storage on the go.

The first “carry” (wrapping method) I tried was the traditional kangaroo carry. I was so surprised at how simple tying the wrap was. The fabric was just so light and smooth that it never felt like I was wrapping four and a half yards of cloth around myself. The fabric had a perfect amount of stretch and held my daughter very securely without loosening up as time passed.

I also wore my daughter using the side-pocket carry and traditional cross-carry and was again very pleased with the ease of use and slight stretch of fabric.

As a mama of a baby who is still in the ‘spit-up phase,’ I was curious as to how well the Breeze would wash. Wrapsodybaby suggests hand washing and hang drying the wraps, but they also admit that we busy mamas don’t always have time to hand wash a wrap (so true!). As an alternative, you can put the wrap inside a bag for washing delicates, or a tied-off pillowcase, and then hang dry. I chose the latter option and set my machine to the hand wash/delicate setting with cold water. My Breeze washed perfectly and retained its color, stretch, and integrity.

Wrapsody Breeze Review and Giveaway!Pros:

  • Breathable, cool fabric
  • Many beautiful patterns to chose from (I have the Presley print)
  • The Bali Breeze is very lightweight and compact. One time, I thought I misplaced the wrap, when it was actually in the bottom of my diaper bag!
  • Washes very well and air-dries over night


  • The wrap was a little short for my taste; I wish I had ordered the ‘B’ sizing, which is five yards of fabric, versus ‘A’ which is four and a half yards long

I truly love using the Wrapsody Breeze woven wrap and would recommend it over common stretch-knit wraps to any mama! Wrapsody has generously contributed another wrap to give away to a lucky winner. The winning mama will get to choose her pattern from the wraps currently in stock. Enter below and good luck!

Must complete first four entries in order to qualify. Must be a resident of the U.S. Must be 18 years of age or older. Contest begins on Wednesday 7/24/2013 and ends on Tuesday 7/30/2013 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.
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By Michelle W.

Michelle W. is a first time mama to Elizabeth, born in December 2012. She is the wife of a Marine, loves to sew, read, work out, and loves being a home manager (house wife). Her weaknesses are staying on a budget, almond sparkling wine, and Instagram. She tries to be the best wife and mommy possible, and believes there are no bad days, only bad moments.

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170 Responses to Wrapsody Breeze Review and Giveaway!

  1. I think I like Sophia the best. They are all so pretty.

  2. trisha kilpatrick Reply

    The Breeze: Freya is absolutely lovely. Dragonflies are really special to me.

  3. I’d love to try this on my little man, born on Sunday!

  4. I would love to win an Aurora wrapsody, the colors are beautiful

  5. I lover Presley its so cute!

  6. OOH I love the Presley style shown above! Love the polka dots!!
    This looks like a great carrier!!

  7. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this beautiful wrap! I am due Sept 5th with my first little girl and would love a wrap for her!

  8. Lily! It is soooooo pretty!

  9. I love the Lily Wrap!!

  10. The Iris pattern is gender neutral and really fun! I’d love to win this wrap!!

  11. I love the Presley!!

  12. I like the presley one!

  13. i like the breeze morgaine or the stretch hybrid Jandrea. the water wrap looked amazing! thatd be perfect for summer time at the lakes and pools!!!

  14. LOVE THE Breeze: Presley PRINT! We love polka dots!!

  15. I like Presley and walden.

  16. They’re all so gorgeous but I’d love the aurora or hope!

  17. Love the presley print!

  18. I love the orion print!! :)

  19. morgaine

  20. i love the lily, but there are several beautiful ones!

  21. I would pick Orion

  22. It would be such a blessing just to have one that I don’t really care what print it is, but if i had to choose i like the walden.

  23. my favorite is aurora

  24. I love the Walden, Lilly, Sophia and Morgaine styles… Hard to pick just one! Just gave birth to my 4th little girl yesterday, I have lays wanted to baby wear! Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. My favorite print is Iris

  26. I had a hard time deciding which pattern I liked, but I finally decided that Kimber was my favorite. Love that these are lightweight so you and baby don’t get too hot in the warmer months!

  27. Brianna Laughman Reply

    They all are so pretty but I like the Iris best!

  28. i want the water wrap.

  29. nice, ive been looking for a better carrier, my current sling doesn’t really do the trick

  30. I love the lilly but I think I would like Hope :) Nice colors and can be worn by me or my husband!

  31. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski Reply

    I really like the Iris

  32. I like Lily the best!

  33. I love Stella!

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  35. I like iris!

  36. I like the Aurora.

  37. I would choose the beautiful Walden print

  38. Ok, there are so many beautiful wraps, it’s hard to choose just one. But I think If I had to, I would say Hope.

  39. I’d love to win the Orion print Breeze

  40. I’ve been wanting a Breeze for so long! I love the Morgaine and Aphrodite wraps!

  41. I really love my Breeze wrap! I can’t wait to have another baby so I can use it again!

  42. The kimber is simple and beautiful!

  43. I like the Orion one. :)

  44. I love the Walden print…but since it is exclusive and sold out I suppose Presley. ;)

  45. I am looking for a carrier for my first LO and this really helps!

  46. Aurora is really nice, and I love the Dads in the baby wearing photos !!

  47. I like the Aurora pattern the best love the stars so cute :)

  48. I definitely think I like Presley or Sophia best!

  49. I would love one

  50. I love the Presley fabric! So cute!

  51. I love the walden print and the aurora is beautiful too!

  52. I’d like kimber or orion

  53. I would love to win Aurora!

  54. I am having a hard time picking which Wrapsody is my favorite… all the prints are gorgeous!

  55. I really want a Stretch as I already am loving my Breeze in Gaia:) Ada and Freya are cute too though as is the new Aurora! OMG I want them all!

  56. This would be AWESOME for my new foster baby!

  57. Any of them :)

  58. Orion!

  59. Aurora!

  60. I love both Aurora and Sophia. Both are very pretty.

  61. I would love to win Aurora :) I was hoping to name my first daughter that but it didn’t happen so it would be awesome to get a wrap in it :) Thanks for the chance

  62. I am just getting into baby wearing and would love a Breeze!!

  63. I think my favorite is Aurora. They are all so lovely.

  64. I love wrapsody wraps. I have an Aphrodite hybrid wrap. I love there iris wrap.

  65. Lindsay Hamilton Reply

    I love the lily, it would be hard to pick one though!

  66. I lost my Wrapsody Jandrea wrap a couple of months ago, and am missing
    It terribly! Wrapsody wraps are very breathable, and supportable.

  67. I would choose Lily, or Alyssa.

  68. I’d choose Breeze: Lily.

  69. Oh, I really like the Hope!

  70. All of them are lovely- I can’t decide between Aurora or Kimber!

  71. love the waldon print!

  72. I would love to win Aurora!

  73. They are all lovely, but in order of top three faves currently available: Sophia, Aurora and Kimber. :) What a lovely giveaway!

  74. I love the Aurora print!

  75. Lily

  76. Love the Breeze: Presley that is pictured above.

  77. I would love to win a aurora, hope or morgain. They are all so gorgeous, its hard to pick one!!

  78. The lily is darling! Also would love to get a water wrap someday!

  79. I have been in love with Freya for months now!

  80. Presley, for sure!

  81. I love Presley!! Super cute :)

  82. I’d choose LIly.

  83. Aurora is by far my favorite!

  84. I already own one, having a second would be awesome for just in case purposes.

  85. Love the Presley!

  86. Sophia definitely

  87. OOO I’d love to win the Presley! That is super cute!

  88. I really like the Iris pattern.

  89. LOVE Morgaine!

  90. Hope or Lily, but there are all gorgeous!

  91. Aurora

  92. There are SO many gorgeous wraps! My all time favorite would have to be Lily because I am obsessed with the color purple but I also love Hope, Morgaine, and Orion. Morgaine and Orion would bring out my baby girl’s stunning blue eyes!

  93. I’d absolutely love to win the Walden print!

  94. I like either Lily or Hope. Both are so pretty!

  95. The Lily and the Aurora are both stunning! I love that they have pictures of dads wearing these wraps too!

  96. I’m currently borrowing a wrapsody breeze from our local library and LOVE it! :D

  97. I love the Aurora

  98. I would love to win the Presley print! It’s so beautiful!

  99. Morgaine or Aurora are soooo gorgeous!!

  100. I’d love Presley but it’s out of stock. So I’ll go with Aurora :)

  101. I love the Aurora!

  102. i love the lily print; i’m digging purple and gray right now.

  103. I like the presley. It’s very gender neutral and not too busy

  104. ~I would love to win the Lily Wrap!! It’s Beautiful!!!

  105. I just LOVE the Lily grey and purple wrap! Gorgeous!

  106. I love these wraps! So many pretties, but I’d choose Aurora.

  107. The Presley is adorbs!

  108. I’ve always like Kimber but Aurora is a favorite too.

  109. i love the presley or sophia

  110. Presley!

  111. I hear the world about these wraps excited at the chance to own one thanks!

  112. I’d love to win the Breeze Lily because that’s my new baby girls name! Awesome giveaway, thanks a lot :)

  113. Breeze: Aurora is gorgeous!

  114. What a great wrap!!

  115. I’d love Iris!

  116. Aurora is absolutely beautiful!!! Second choice would be Presley. Thanks for the contest

  117. I like Orion the best.

  118. love the breeze Hope!

  119. Umbreen F. Qadeer Reply

    I really like Presley, but I see that it’s out of stock. My second choice is Lily, but I also love Orion and it’s a tough choice.

  120. I have read so many fabulous reviews of the wrap and would love to try one out.
    I love the Lily.

  121. I love the hope print! beautiful!

  122. LOVE Wrapsody. Would like Kimber or Presley.

  123. They are all so beautiful but I think Sophia is my favorite.

  124. I LOVE Lily!! I don’t usually like purple, but it looks amazing with the grey!!

  125. I think I like Freya the most.

  126. I would really like a Sophia.

  127. i love the Morgaine turtles are the cutest!

  128. I would love to win it in the “Walden” print.

  129. I love the Presley…but the Orion is really pretty as well!

  130. What a pretty wrap!

  131. I like Orion.

  132. I love the Morgaine.

  133. I like Presley and Hope.

  134. I like the “Lily” if I have a girl or the “Presley” which is univeral. All so cute!

  135. Breeze: Walden (exclusive)

  136. I would choose Breeze: Hope

  137. I would love the Aurora

  138. I love the Presley Print!

  139. I like Orion but Daddy says get Morgaine for my baby!

  140. OOOhhhh! I would love the Breeze: Kimber! It is gorgeous!

  141. The Lily is my favorite!

  142. I have a two year old and a one year old and they both constantly want up, I think the “Breeze Freya” would be the perfect pattern to carry them in!

  143. I like the Orion wrap. Would love to try one of these out. Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. I like the Lilly print the best.

  145. I like Iris!

  146. I love them all but the Morgain is really fun!

  147. I’d pick the Orion wrap fabric.

  148. I would love to have Chronos! Then maybe hubby would be more interested in wrapping!

  149. Love the Orion pattern!

  150. I am in love with Presley!!!

  151. They’re all gorgeous, but I’m in love with Aurora!

  152. I love the Freya!

  153. They are so pretty would love to try this with my Abby

  154. I would probably choose Sophia, so pretty and it was the first to really catch my eye. But Aurora, and Freya are also so pretty sooo hard to choose just one.

  155. OMG I so love Ada didnt see the fairy at first. So very celtic !

  156. Henrietta Nowill Reply

    Love this for my daughter and grand daughter..

  157. I would prefer the Orion wrap. It is absolutely beautiful.

  158. I love the Presley!

  159. Breeze: Aurora.

  160. The Morgaine wrap looks very nice!

  161. Christian Alejandro Reply

    I think Lily would be the winner for my niece.

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