Better Than Wallpaper – a Stencil Giveaway!

The accent wall is finally done in our nursery – thanks to my parents help and a stencil pattern from Cutting Edge Stencils!

I am in LOVE!

After finding out that this little bundle of joy was a girl, I just knew I wanted to do something as fun as an accent wall in her nursery. I did a stencil wall in our master bedroom a few months ago and have gotten so many compliments on it, so I decided to look through Cutting Edge’s website to see if there was something that would work for her nursery.

Cha-Ching! I saw the Gabrielle Damask pattern and knew it would be absolutely perfect.

I decided my stencil wall should be painted a light pink and was planning on just doing a dark pink stencil over the top, but then I came across metallic paint at Hirshfields (my second home) and decided to have a little fun with it. I thought that it might look cool to add the silver metallic paint OVER the dark pink when doing the stencil. I practiced on a piece of tag board and LOVED it!  So that decision was settled.

I painted the wall light pink (two coats) so it was ready to stencil when my mom came to visit.

It’s nice to have an extra pair of hands when stenciling – especially when you are almost eight months pregnant! Plus, I just had to pick the hardest wall in the bedroom to stencil. We taped off the trim and ceiling and were ready to start stenciling.

Now, Cutting Edge Stencils has great tutorials on their website on how to stencil. You should definitely watch one, as my wall is a little different than most since there is a big window in the middle and it has a slanted wall. Plus, I am using two colors for my stencil, which is probably not the norm.

Since there was only one area of the wall where we would be able to do a full row – top to bottom – we decided it would be best to start there.

We just clipped the stencil level to the bottom of the stencil and taped it to the wall, so it would stay in place (my dad measured to make sure it was straight).

We had both of our paint colors ready to go, so we dipped the roller in the pink paint first. Then, we wiped off the excess paint on either a paper towel or piece of cardboard. This step is VERY important because if you skip it  you will have too much paint on your roller and it will seep through the stencil.

Next, we rolled the paint across the stencil making sure we hit all the open areas of the pattern.

Since there was very little paint on the roller, it dried pretty quickly. Even though the pink wasn’t yet fully dry, I went ahead and rolled the metallic paint right over the top, instead of coming back and doing the silver later. I made sure there was VERY little of the metallic paint left on the roller, so the pink paint would still shine through underneath.

It worked perfectly!

Some spots were more metallic than others, but it made it look almost like textured wallpaper that way.

Plus, I love the sheen it created!

Some tips for all of you trying this at home:

  • While you’re working, you can peel the tape off right away, pull back your stencil and admire your work! No need to even wash it off – just keep going. The best thing about the stencil patterns is that they repeat, so when you line up the next one below, it will overlap a bit so you know you are going down in a perfectly straight line. Just make sure you don’t go over that area again with your paint.
  • Make sure your outlets are taped off so you can just paint over them like we did here.

  • Once you hit the bottom of the wall, just paint right down along your trim (as long as it’s taped off). Cutting Edge recommends using a stencil brush to get as close to the trim as possible, but we were able to get pretty close with the roller. You will have to bend the bottom of the stencil pattern a bit to get all the way down.

  • When you purchase your stencil pattern, you get a smaller border stencil that comes with it. This is what we used along the ceiling and above the window. It’s much easier in small spaces since you don’t have to try to bend the stencil along the ceiling.

Obviously, our wall was a bit tricky having a slant on it, but we were able to just bend the stencil pattern and hold it against the slant while someone rolled out the paint. This is where it comes in handy to have extra hands!

We worked a few hours on Saturday and when the sun went down, we decided to call it a night and finish on Sunday morning.

All in all, it probably took five or six hours, but it was well worth it.

I will definitely be finding places to use many more stencils somewhere in my house.

I finished off the other walls in a light grey the next day and I love how it all looks together. I can’t wait to get the curtains hung and the crib bedding fully put together!

I will be sure to post the final nursery reveal as soon as everything is done.

The stenciling may sound a bit tricky, but it’s not bad at all… even for beginners!

If you are thinking about doing a stencil wall in your house, you should definitely give it a try. I promise – you will love it and so will all your ‘wowed’ guests…there are so many possibilities. Check out some more fun ideas here.

If that’s not enough to inspire you, Cutting Edge is giving away a free stencil to one of our readers (valued up to $50)! How cool is that?

From chevron to damask to stripes and polka dots, the possibilities are endless.

Check out Cutting Edge’s website and let us know what stencil you would use for your next project!

Use the Rafflecopter app below to enter. Giveaway ends 3/7/13 at 11:59pm PST.

Congratulations to Tashieka M.! Enjoy your new stencil! Let us know which one you picked!

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27 Responses to Better Than Wallpaper – a Stencil Giveaway!

  1. I’m in love with this stencil:

    It’s so universal and gorgeous!

  2. Anna damask. Love the stencils! Not sure what wall I would do first. ;)

  3. This wall is SO gorgeous! Great job!

  4. I love the Zamira Allover stencil

  5. This is so dramatic and gorgeous! And Using the stencils takes away the fear of committing to wallpaper. I can’t wait to do our bedroom accent wall with the cutting edge stencil I ordered!


  7. I actually love the demask print that you got. I <3 demask!

  8. I love the Dahlia Allover stencil! GORGEOUS!

  9. You did a great job! I’m loving the Casablanca allover stencil!

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  11. Just stenciled my bedroom with the Wildberry Dmask, which was gorgeous, but didn’t have a top stencil. I’d like to stencil my kitchen backsplash or another all over wall stencil.

  12. I recently re-did my craft room and used the birds and tree stencil. It looks fantastic! Now we are finishing up my daughters room and I would love for her to pick one out too!

  13. This is just gorgeous! I want to do the houndstooth in my son’s playroom, but this may be an accent wall in my room now!

  14. I’ve experienced a stencil fail in the past but seeing how you did it and reading the tips gives me courage to try it again! Thanks!

  15. I love these stencils! Your sweet nursery is looking so cute! Great Job! I love the moroccan tile allover stencil. . . lots of great DIY projects brewing in my head!

  16. I am in love with and am so thinking this is a better answer to wallpaper!

  17. I love the Marrakech design, I would love to do my bedroom in that.

  18. I love the Peony allover stencil.

  19. I love the butterfly and dragonfly stencils!!

  20. Stephanie Emmott Reply

    I LOVE the chevron print!!

  21. The accent wall is beautiful! I want to do this in my baby girl’s nursery too! And I want to do the Markkesh Trellis stencil in my bedroom. Give away or not, I am so excited to find out about Cutting Edge stencils. I have been wanting to do a stenciled wall for a long time and they have many that I love.

  22. I love the funky wheel!!!

  23. Beautiful job, Heidi! Love how the damask looks in the room and love the colors!

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