Lactation Cookies for Nursing Mamas

Nursing mamas… this post is for YOU! Did you know that you are strongly encouraged to eat cookies to ensure that you’ll have enough milk to feed your little one? Yup. It’s true. COOKIES!

Many mamas wonder if they’re making enough milk for their little babes, especially during their little ones’ growth spurts! Some tried and true ways to ensure you’re making enough milk are to drink tons of water, eat real oatmeal, take Fenugreek and eat these cookies (alright, that part might not be proven, but these can posibly give your supply a nice boost).

And, hello… they’re cookies. You’re welcome.

This recipe was taken from The Leaky B@@b. I modified it just a bit. They include lots of yummy oatmeal as well as Brewer’s yeast and flax seed, ingredients thought by many to help boost your milk supply. Beware… they are very tasty! You might have to hide them from your husband so he doesn’t start lactating! (just kidding… that won’t happen if he eats these.)


1 cup butter (softened)
1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
4 tablespoons flax seed
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 tablespoons brewer’s yeast (mine came in capsule form, so I crushed up about 40 pills with a rolling pin to make a powder)
3 cup rolled oats
¾ cup chocolate chips
½ -¾ cup dried cranberries


1. Mix the flour, baking soda, brewer’s yeast and oats in a bowl and set aside.

2. Cream together butter and sugars.

3. Add eggs, vanilla and flax to the butter and sugar mixture and mix well.

4. Slowly add the dry ingredients to the wet, mixing well after each addition.

5. Stir in chocolate chips and dried cranberries.

*The original recipe calls for 1 cup of chocolate chips, but I was a little short so I added some dried cranberries to make up for it.

6. Using a melon baller, drop cookie dough onto a parchment lined cookie sheet.

7. Bake at 375 degrees F. for 10 minutes.

8. Let cool on the baking sheet for five minutes and then move to a cooling rack.

9. Eat, enjoy and lactate!

This recipe made about four dozen cookies. I probably should have halved the recipe so I didn’t have so many cookies in my house because they are quite tasty. After all, I’m hoping to not be wearing my maternity pants by the time K is 2 ½. Oh well, I decided I’d share the batch with my friend who welcomed a baby new last week.

Bon Appetit, breastfeeding mamas!

56 Responses to Lactation Cookies for Nursing Mamas

  1. These sound delicious, even thought i’m not nursing right now, I may have to make them anyway! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are in the oven right now! I’m not a big fan of cranberries so I left them out. I made about 20 cookies and only used about a quarter of the dough, haha! So I froze the rest for future cookies. :) Thanks for the awesome recipe, Mary Ellen! I can’t wait to try them.

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  4. I just made these cookies and let me tell you…. Best oatmeal cookie I’ve ever eaten.. I too didn’t have enough chocolate chips.. I didn’t have cranberries either but I used butterscotch chips… Yum!!! I froze half the recipe for later :) thank you for sharing!

  5. Does it matter if you use quick cooking oats or regular ones?

    • Hayley – I don’t think it matters at all. I don’t even remember which kind I used for this particular recipe, but I know I’ve made oatmeal cookies with both kinds. Enjoy!

    • No, you must use the oatmeal that is meant for cooking and not instant. You will not taste the oat if you use the instant ones. Ok.

  6. I know the flax is okay, but not sure about the yeast for the kiddos. Are these okay for the rest of the family to have? If you say no, I won’t have a problem not sharing them at all…

  7. You need to use old fashioned oats or steel cut not instant or quick. What helps with increasing your milk supply is taken out to make the cookies cook faster.

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  10. How any cookies should u eat a day to help with production

    • Hi Ilvia, I’m not exactly sure – since the recipe calls for 3 cups of oats and a serving of oats is 1/2 cup, eating 1/6th of the recipe would be one serving…this made 4 dozen so 1/6th of that would be 8 cookies! I’d consider these a tasty way to give your supply a little nudge, but I wouldn’t rely just on the cookies to help with production. Good luck!

  11. I made these today! I halved the recipe and added cinnamon! It was great thank u very much!

  12. These turned out fantastic, so delicious! Even in high elevation they turned out, recipe AS IS! I added a scoop of chia seeds (use them in everything) for an extra boost of nutritional goodness! Thanks for such a successful recipe!!

  13. Just made some of these babies right now! They taste great, but for some reason mine didn’t really spread out very much and almost retain their original ball-like shape and don’t look like those lovely disks you have in your pictures. Did I make the batter too dry? I’m sure I followed the recipe’s exact measurements.

    • Tammy – Good question. I wish I could help you. I feel like every time I make ANY kind of cookies they turn out a little different. I’ve read that many different things could play a factor from the freshness of the baking soda, the age of the eggs, if the batter is/was refrigerated or not, if the butter was melted, firm or soft and the condition of the cookie sheets. I’m glad they taste great though!

  14. Do you think I could substitute the regular flour for gluten free flour and they would turn out ok ??

    • Hi Sarah! I’ve been doing quite a bit of gluten free baking the last 6 months or so for my son who is gluten free. I’m sure they would come out great. I love Wholesome Chow as a cup for cup substitute. I also like to add some xantham gum whenever I use GF flour. Don’t forget to get GF oats as well :) Let us know how it turns out

  15. Hi,

    What kind of flour, size egg, butter (salted/unsalted) does this recipe call for??


    • Hi Tracy
      I believe I used white whole wheat flour, a large egg and salted butter. I usually bake with white whole wheat flour and salted butter, but I know most people use white flour. Salted is just my preference. I always buy large eggs, but honestly a small egg or an extra large egg would not really change the consistency or alter any of the other ingredients. Let us know how you like it!

  16. Can I substitute the flour and baking soda for self rising flour?

  17. I made these today and they came out great!! I did add a little honey as a personal preference :) My due date is in 2 weeks so I just baked a small batch today to test and the rest is rolled up and frozen ready for baby time!! Thank you for the recipe :D

  18. These were so good! I just cooked 5 to test them. Then I split the batch in 3rds and froze them. One for me. 2 for gifts! Such a nice add on to a new mommy meal!

  19. Michele Rodocker Reply

    Could nutritional yeast be used instead of brewers yeast?

  20. Can I substitute 1/2cup of butter for 1/2cup of coconut oil?

  21. Once baked, how long can you store the cookies? I’m due in December and want to work out the timing. Thanks!

  22. These cookies are delicious, hope they increase my milk supply. Thanks for the recipe.

  23. I just made these but accidentally put an extra half cup of flour in. What can I do to made the dough bind together a little better so that I can freeze it for future use?

    These are yummy by the way. I didn’t have cranberries, so I doubled the chocolate chips!

  24. If I leave out the brewer’s yeast because I don’ have any, will it mess up the consistency/rise of the recipe?

  25. Has any one made several batches and frozen some?

  26. These are amazing! My kids, husband and parents are all fighting over these… and they were for me. Thank you so much! [I had fresh cranberries, I had to sweeten, then dry them over night]

  27. Thank you so much! These are amazing! My Husband, kids, and parents are fighting over them. They were for me and my 6.month old. Yet I haven’t gotten any but crumbs from pan. [[I only had a bag of fresh cranberries. I had to sweeten, then dry them over night in the oven.]] They came out so amazingly! I cannot thank you enough! Xo

  28. These are amazing !!!
    Ive made enfloras of lutariam cookies recepies that I’ve found on the web, but theses are delicious, they are soft and yummy and oh so tasty !
    Thank you sooo much for sharing this recepi

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  30. These cookies at absolutely delicious. And I’m not usually a cookie fan.

  31. I just made these, gluten free, using Namaste gluten free flour from Costco. It already has xanthum gum in it so no need to worry about that. The cookies turned out awesome!!! Question, are these ok for my fam to eat or just the nursing mama? I have no problem NOT sharing with them, I’m just curious

    • Hi Tessa – I don’t see why your family couldn’t enjoy them! I doubt they’ll start lactating if they do ;-) Hehe…but I’d probably keep them all to myself. They are so darn good!

  32. Thank you so much for posting this recipe!! These cookies taste amazing!! The only thing I changed was I added a cup of coconut shavings to it (trying to keep the hubby away.. It didn’t work) and they still came out soooo amazing!! Thank you!!!

  33. For those asking about baker’s vs brewer’s yeast, they are the same species (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). They are different strains, but as you are just eating dead cells for their nutrients and not taking advantage of their slightly different metabolic properties, I see no reason why either could not be used. I made this recipe with active dry yeast from the supermarket, and out whole family loves them.

  34. I just finished up a batch of these! They are fantastic! I subbed out coconut oil 1:1 for butter and used flax egg instead of regular egg. They were a bit crumbly, but I made half into actual cookies and the other half into a cookie bar/crumble. I am so excited! I just ate one fresh out of the oven and they were awesome! Thank you!!

  35. These are great! I have tried other recipes that said the cookies tasted good, but begged to differ after trying them. These, however, actually taste good! Super easy to make. I burned a few of them – too close to the bottom of the oven – but the other pans turned out perfect. Thank you so much for the recipe!

  36. WOW i tried a few recipes and this is my favorite! They hold their shape great too!
    Thank you

  37. First time making them and I love them! Question, has anyone that has tried them seen an increase in milk supply?

  38. I’ve made these three times now! So yummy!! The first time I made it I baked half the batch and then had to put the second half in the fridge as I didn’t have time to bake them right away. When I took the dough out it was crumbly so I added a bit of peanut butter to help bind the dough together. This made an amazingly yummy cookie even yummier!!!

  39. Hi. Many thanks for your recipe. Am a low supply so trying all means to boost my supply. Kindly advice what flour is being used. Isit wheat flour or plain flour? Many thanks

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  41. Are you using flax seed or flax seed meal? The recipe says seed but the picture looks like meal.

  42. They’re so tasty!

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