Tyler’s Bug Birthday

When Tyler’s mama Lindsey was planning her son’s first birthday, she knew just what theme to do for her little man! She knew from the very beginning: Boys and bugs, perfect!

What inspired the theme of your child’s party?

His nickname in utero was “doodlebug” and then once he arrived my husband started calling him “bug,” so we decided to do a bug-themed birthday party.

What is one element of the party that you are particularly proud of?

I really loved all the creative names for the food that I came up with and the way they were all displayed in clean, crisp white bowls and platters. It was so much fun coming up with the names of each food to fit the theme.

Did you work with any vendors? If so, who?

My friend Cari of Cari Hollis Photography was gracious enough to take photos at the party with my own camera. A Sweet Design did the cake, Alex Tebow Designs helped with the invitations, food labels, banner, favor labels and other printables. The location was our home. All of our vendors did amazing work!

What was your favorite moment/part of the party?

I really loved watching Ty dig into his mini cake. He was so cute because he systematically and methodically tackled his cake— which is SO in line with his general personality.

Another favorite moment was watching all the kids go on a bug hunt in our backyard. They all collected plastic bugs and put them in their bug habitats with their names on it which was also part of their party favor.

What was your birthday boy’s favorite part?

ALL of it! He loved playing with his cousins on the slide and in the lady bug ball pit tent, eating cake, being spoiled and showered with love by all his friends and family and opening all his wonderful presents.

Can you give any advice to mamas that are planning a party for their little one?

Start early so that you can accomplish all the things you want to incorporate and yet still keep it fun for yourself instead of stressful.

I had a blast planning his party and incorporating so many little details but it was a TON of work.

I also highly recommend making sure there are plenty of fun, age-appropriate activities to entertain all the kids at your party.

I did a lot of shopping in the dollar bin at Target and at dollar stores. All the arts and crafts, bug habitat favors, plastic bugs for hunting, etc. were all from the dollar stores.

I also took time to save about 50 baby food jars, washed them and then spray painted the lids to make little containers for additional favors for the adults as well. I stumbled across bug themed fruit gummy snacks at the .99-cent store and I put those in the jars and then applied labels to the outside.

Party Budget: $$$$


Cari Hollis Photography

Alex Tebow Designs

A Sweet Design

I can only imagine the fun that Tyler and all of his family and friends had on his special day! I love bugs!

7 Responses to Tyler’s Bug Birthday

  1. what a fun looking party! And we called our little man “doodlebug” too :)

  2. His party was so awesome and you are a super duper creative mama!

  3. Thanks ladies! ;)

  4. What a great party! I love all of the details. My fav is the painting of the bugs with the face cutouts. So fun!!

  5. Found your site via pinterest. Would you mind sharing your menu and what you called each dish? I’m working on my twin boys’ third birthday party and struggling with the food.

  6. Where did you find the invitation? I LOVE the bug cut out font but haven’t found an invite like that no matter where I’ve looked!

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